Free Wi-Fi tops tourist list

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BANGKOK, 17 November 2016: Free Wi-Fi is a top item for consideration when booking a hotel, according to Expedia & HL Group Hotel Etiquette Poll for Thailand.

According to the report, released Monday, HL Group commissioned a survey to explore general hotel experiences in Thailand.

GfK Custom Research LLC (GfK) administered the survey online, last August, researching options based on a representative sampling of 1,027 randomly selected adults resident in Thailand. Read more

Booking trends at theme parks

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BASINGSTOKE, UK, 15 November 2016: New research highlights how travellers want to pre-book more of their travel content to ensure a hassle free experience.

The Omnico survey showed that 90% of the travellers interviewed want to book their entire trip and activities before they leave home.

This includes accommodation, tickets, meals, merchandise. They believed the more organised they were in advance, helped to ensure a more hassle-free experience. Read more

Gen Z no regrets list

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SINGAPORE, 8 November 2016: So-called gap-year travel is a priority for those born after 1995, (21 or younger) according to research by youth travel experts Contiki.

In the company’s latest survey, it concluded that the Generation Z believe travel is almost an essential experience that should be enjoyed before attending university.

Many of them view the experiences they will encounter on the road as an education in itself, Contiki concluded. Read more

Thai travel trends from Expedia

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BANGKOK, 1 November 2016: Thai beachgoers would rather postpone a holiday if they are not in good shape, according to® 2016 Flip Flop Report.

They are also the lowest spenders on beach holidays, worldwide, according to the survey.

The annual study highlights the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers, worldwide, but are also broken down into national studies. Read more

TripAdvisor: Top spots to dine

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SINGAPORE, 21 October 2016: TripAdvisor released details of its Travellers’ Choice™ awards for top restaurants around the world, earlier this week.

This year’s awards recognise 528 restaurants overall, including the top 25 fine dining spots, worldwide, and dedicated lists for Asia, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, South America, South Pacific, the UK and the US.

TripAdvisor also awarded some of the best bargain dining establishments around the world. Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for restaurants around the world, gathered over a 12-month period. Read more

STR: Asia Pacific hotels expand 4%

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LONDON, 17 October 2016: STR’s September 2016 Pipeline Report shows 582,271 rooms in 2,555 projects are under contract in the Asia Pacific region.

The total represents a 4.6% increase in rooms under contract compared with September 2015.

Under contract data includes projects in the in construction, final planning and planning stages, but does not include projects in the unconfirmed stage. Read more

TripAdvisor bans bookings for wildlife shows

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SINGAPORE, 13 October 2016: Hundreds of animal attractions where tourists come into physical contact with captive wild animals, or endangered species, will no longer be bookable on TripAdvisor or Viator, the popular review site announced, Wednesday.

With endorsements from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), TripAdvisor will create a wildlife tourism education portal for travellers in partnership with top accredited trade groups, conservation organisations, academic experts, tourism experts, and animal welfare groups.

They include the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, ABTA – The Travel Association, Global Wildlife Conservation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Sustainable Travel International, The TreadRight Foundation, Think Elephants International, Asian Elephant Support, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and World Animal Protection (WAP). Read more

Samui enjoys tourism boom

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PHUKET, 5 October 2016: Samui  island in south Thailand is benefiting from mounting airlift, which is positively impacting on hotel occupancy levels, according to the latest research.

Key findings and forecasts are presented in C9 Hotelworks newly released Samui Hotel Market Update Mid-Year Edition 2016.

During the first six months of 2016 year-on-year international arrivals grew by 18%, as the airport handled  624,914 incoming passengers on both overseas and domestic flights. Read more

Bangkok top in visits

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BANGKOK, 4 October 2016: When you count the sheer volume of overnight tourist arrivals Bangkok is the top city, worldwide, according to the sixth annual Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index.

Released in last month, the index ranks 132 cities, worldwide, based on the tourist arrivals count.

According to the study, Bangkok will accommodate 21.47 million tourist arrivals this year. The count does not take into account purpose of visits and is  entirely based on reported data provided by authorities. In the case of Bangkok, the figure is based on Immigration Bureau passport checks at the city’s two international airports. Read more

On the trail of Mekong Dolphins

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Part II: Kratie

BANGKOK, 20 May 2013: Beside Kampi, visitors can also spot the rare dolphins at the Koh Phdao community where there is a homestay situated on Roungeav Island, the largest island in the Cambodian section of the Mekong River (45 km long).

It is about 35 km from Kratie town going northwards in the same direction as Kampi. Some tourists cycle the route, but they need to set off very early to complete the ride and then catch the ferry for the last 10 km before the weather gets too hot. The other transfer options are to hire a motorbike, tuk-tuk or car to get to the river pier.

Halfway to Kampi (9 km from town), you will see stalls selling Krolan, or sticky rice, in bamboo sticks at Thma Kreae village. It is very tasty and an excellent food supplement for your backpack or an emergency meal, especially if you cycle to the pier. A backpack is the most convenient way to carry your clothes. Wheelie suitcases will invariably fail apart or slow progress. Read more

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