TAT promotes festivals

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BANGKOK, 12 May 2017: Tourism Authority of Thailand gives the heads up on popular festivals that will attract local and international tourists.

The government agency’s advance list of festivals will encourage visitors to extend their stay and enjoy the country’s way of life during June to July this year. Read more

Visakha Bucha Day 10 May

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BANGKOK, 9 May 2017: Visakha Bucha Day, 10 May, is an important religious festival in the Buddhist calendar, falling usually in May on the full moon day of the sixth lunar month.

When a year has an extra eighth lunar month –Adhikamasa (13 full moons in the year) – Visakha Bucha Day falls on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month (June).

This year, the religious holiday will be celebrated Wednesday, 10 May. Buddhists in many ASEAN countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore) observe the holiday even if it is not officially a national holiday. Read more

Songkran lives up to deadly image

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BANGKOK, 19 April 2017: Thailand’s highway carnage over the seven deadly days of Songkran, 11 to 17 April, reached 390 fatalities, a decline of 11.76%, or 52 deaths, when compared to the identical seven days during the 2016 festival.

The Road Safety Directing Centre said it averages out at 56 deaths per day over the seven-day travel period, a statistic that resembles war zone casualties.

However, to put the death toll during the festival in perspective, the World Health Organisation’s 2015 statistics puts Thailand’s annual death toll from road accidents at 24,237, or on average 66 deaths a day. Read more

Kite flying festival in Vietnam

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QUANG NAM, 19 April 2017: Vietnam’s Quang Nam province will host the International Kite Festival in Tam Thanh Commune 5 to 9 June.

Local media reported more than a 100 craftsmen from Canada, the United States, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Vietnam will take part in the event.

The Tam Thanh People’s Committee vice chairman, Le Ngoc Ty, was quoted saying the craftsmen will bring their handmade kites and demonstrate the traditional craft on beaches of Quang Nam province. Read more

Time out for a Thai Songkran

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BANGKOK, 12 April 2017: Thailand will celebrate the annual Songkran Festival, Thursday 13 April through to 15 April, plus a substitution holiday for workers, Monday 17 April, due to the final day of the Songkran festival falling on a Saturday.

The festive celebration will start with families paying respects to their elders by sprinkling water on their hands Thursday morning.

However, thousands of tourists are visiting Thailand to enjoy the water battles that follow on the remaining days. Festivities take place in every village and town once the traditional ceremonies are over. Read more

Risk life and limb it’s Songkran

April 10, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 10 April 2017: Thailand’s Royal Thai Police has postponed some of the safety regulations that were supposed to be introduced at Songkran festival to cut road accidents.

The decision to postpone some regulations was a response to a public outcry mainly from Thai citizens using social media, who believed having fun was worth the risk of incurring fatal accidents.

According to the authorities, the main backlash, was against a passenger ban in the cargo well of pickup trucks, or in non-seat, rear sections of two-door trucks.  It’s a popular practice to pile passengers into the cargo well of pick-up trucks with fatal consequences when trucks are involved in road accidents, or swerve off the road to miss on-coming traffic. Read more

Thailand’s Songkran festivities

April 5, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 5 April 2017: The Tourism Authority of Thailand announced, Tuesday, details of the 2017’s Songkran celebrations and special activities for the festive holiday.

Songkran 2017 will get off to a colourful start in Bangkok with a Songkran Splendours: Amazing Songkran 2017 which will take place from 8 to 13 April at Benjasiri Park, from 1600 to 2000 (on 13 April only will start at 1200 to 2000). This will show off different elements of Thailand’s New Year celebrations taking place nationwide and will act as a taster for people who want to travel up-country to celebrate.

Songkran Splendours: Amazing Songkran 2017 will kick off with an Amazing Songkran Joyful Procession on 8 April. This procession, from 1730 to 2030 will head down Sukhumvit Road, starting from the Phrom Phong Junction and will finish at Pathum Wan Intersection. Read more

Buri Ram Festival

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BURI RAM, 21 March 2017: Phanom Rung Historical Park Festival 2017 will be held 31 March to 2 April, an event that attracts hundreds of visitors to witness a spectacular sunrise that shines though entrances positioned  east-to-west in the sanctuary.

The ancient Khmer temple was constructed so that at a single time of the year the early morning sun shines perfectly through all of the 15 entrances.

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand, the annual festival offers the chance for visitors to see the rare phenomenon which occurs just once a year. Read more

Crafts gather in Hue

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THUA THIEN-HUE, 15 March 2017: The 7th Traditional Crafts Festival is scheduled to take place in the ancient imperial city of Hue, 28 April to 2 May.

The People’s Committee of Hue chairman, Nguyen Van Thanh, told local media that the festival is a major cultural and economic event, playing a significant role in supporting retail sales in the city.

“It also honours traditional crafts and aims to improve business, partnerships and cooperation in all areas, especially tourism.” Read more

Elephants gather for polo match

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BANGKOK, 28 February 2017: Anantara Hotels and Resorts’ King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament will be hosted, 9 to 12 March, on the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River.

Now in its 15th year, the tournament has become one of the biggest charity events in Southeast Asia raising USD1.3 million (THB46 million) for projects that better the lives of Thailand’s wild and domesticated elephant population.

Projects supported by the fund include the world’s first Thai Elephant Assisted Autistic Therapy Project; positive reinforcement elephant training workshops; mahout community development initiatives, and wild elephant conservation. Read more

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