Makha Bucha holiday

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BANGKOK, 10 February 2017: Makha Bucha, an important religious celebration in the Buddhist calendar, falls on Saturday 11 February, the full-moon day of the third lunar month. Offices, banks and government offices in Thailand close for the substitution holiday on Monday, 13 February.

The religious holiday is designated a public holiday in most Mekong Region countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, where Buddhism holds sway.

This Sunday, Buddhists will attend ceremonies that venerate the Lord Buddha and his teachings. It involves visits to temples to perform merit-making activities in the morning.  In the evening, people join candlelight processions around a temple’s ordination chapel, three times in a clockwise direction. Read more

New Year holiday gets underway

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BANGKOK, 30 December 2016: Thailand’s New Year holiday will run from 31 December to 3 January with offices reopening 4 January.

The Thai Cabinet approved an extra public holiday, 3 January, in addition to 2 January, to give residents a four-day break.

Traditionally, families reunite usually at the homes of parents or grand parents, but in recent years more Thais are travelling overseas or to beach resorts. Read more

Laos to host music fest

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VIENTIANE, 11 November 2016: Laos will organise an international music festival “Vang Vieng Music Fest 2016” in Vang Vieng district, Vientiane province,  16 to 17 December.

The festival organised by Smart Event Organisers and Indee Records, in cooperation with the authorities of Vang Vieng district is now in its second year.

The festival venue will be in front of the iconic Lom cave. The festival’s aim is to promote a tourism focused on culture and art, rather than the  town’s raunchy image presented in the past. Read more

Sukhothai down plays festival

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BANGKOK, 10 November 2016: Sukhothai province will not host an elaborate Loi Krathong festival, 10 to 14 November, out of respect for the the passing of the Late His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The actual Loi Krathong festival will be held on the full-moon night of 14 November and residents and visitors can still float ‘krathongs’ on the canals and lakes in and around the historical town.

However, the usual celebrations, fairs, firework displays and beauty contests that are hosted for five days leading up to the full-moon night have been cancelled according to province governor, Piti Kaeo-salapsi. Read more

Balloon spectacle in Shan State

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YANGON, 7 November 2016: Shan state in the east of Myanmar is getting ready for a spectacular balloon festival.

It will be hosted 8 to 15 November and will see the launch of over 100 traditional paper balloons.

The event is held annually in the Shan State, but this year authorities say it will be bigger than ever to attract more tourists. Read more

Dalat hosts cherry blossom festival

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LAM DONG, 28 October 2016: Lam Dong’s provincial capital, Dalat, will host its first ever Cherry Blossom Festival in January next year.

Local media reported a variety of activities are planned including a light festival, a night food market and cultural entertainment at the TerraCotta Hotel & Resort Dalat. A golf tournament and a photo exhibition are also scheduled.

The organisers are compiling detailed promotional materials that will be made available next month to travellers and travel agents.. Read more

Veggie festival is more popular

October 3, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 3 October 2016: Kasikorn Research Centre estimates Bangkok residents will spend THB4,500 million during the Vegetarian Festival that started Saturday 1 October and ends 9 October.

The bank’s think-tank unit said more Bangkok residents will celebrate “Kin Jae” (The Festival for Eating Vegetables) festival when compared with last year.

It forecast younger residents were now taking an interest in the festival. Read more

Phuket hosts veggie fest

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PHUKET, 27 September 2016: Phuket will host its annual Vegetarian Festival, 1 to 9 October, which attempts to give a traditional Chinese religious event a modern message for us to eat right.

The nine-day festival has its roots in community associations formed by early Chinese settlers, who migrated to Phuket from neighbouring Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the last century.

The Vegetarian Festival, called Prapheni Kin Jay or Prapheni Kin Phak in Thai (The Festival for Eating Vegetables), is now one of the major annual events on the Phuket calendar. It is also celebrated in all major towns in Thailand where Chinese migrants settled. Read more

Surin hosts elephant festival

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SURIN, 26 September 2016: Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Surin office invites tourists to join the annual elephant festival, 11 to 23 November, at Si Narong Stadium and the Surin Elephant Show held in the centre of the provincial town.

Surin is a major town in the lower-Isan region of Northeast Thailand and has long been linked with elephants and often referred to as the “Province of Elephants”. The province is also promoted as one of the 12 hidden gems plus campaign by the TAT.

The festival’s main highlight is an elephant parade through Surin’s main streets that will be lined with food stalls. Read more

Singapore’s Chinatown festival

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SINGAPORE, 7 September 2016: The annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 got underway 2 September for a month-long celebration and learning experience.

A signature event during the festival is the impressive lantern display that brings to life the traditional folklore of Chang’e and Hou Yi.

The objective of the festival is help the younger generation rediscover heritage and enjoy cultural entertainment. Read more

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