Smart is good, child-friendly is better

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BANGKOK, 12 December 2017:Airport customer relations were in the news when AirAsia’s founder challenged the management of  Malaysia’s airport on its decision to raise the passenger service tax at KLIA2 to be in line with other international airports in Malaysia.

KLIA2 is the low-cost airport next to KLIA and home to AirAsia. Its founder and chairman, Tony Fernandes, is known for dishing out criticism of the airport’s management on pricing and delays in introducing smart check-in solutions.

Airports tend to make arbitrary decisions on customer services and fees without seeking passenger feedback. Read more

Too much of a good thing

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BANGKOK, 4 December 2017: Thailand’s new Minister of Tourism and Sports, Weerasak Kowsurat, will have his work cut out for him, although he is no stranger to tourism, having served as its minister in 2008.

After a roller coaster ride spanning decades,  due in part to fickle Thai politics, coups and demonstrations that curtailed growth, Thailand’s tourism is now enjoying an astounding recovery.

This year, international visits will exceed 32 million and there are reliable projections that estimate arrivals could easily exceed 35 million before 2020 dawns. Read more

Changi the model airport

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BANGKOK, 27 November 2017: When AirAsia’s CEO, Tony Fernandes, tweets people sit up and take note, particularly if it concerns airports.

So when the founder of Asia’s most successful low-cost airline says  “Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 is the model airport of the future for low-cost carriers,” we probably nod in agreement.

Even without all the technology packed into the brand new Terminal 4, Changi’s three other terminals, consistently gains accolades and awards that elude the grasp of Bangkok’s two international airports. Read more

Road carnage tarnishes Thailand’s reputation

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BANGKOK, 20 November 2017: It was a bad week for Thailand’s dreadful road safety record with critics claiming the country must now have the worst safety record in the world.

The driver of a minivan that ploughed into the back of a truck killing four Japanese tourists and their guide, last week, has since been charged with reckless driving causing death.

A tour bus taking school children on a field trip flipped out of control killing three children and injuring 48. Within days a double-deck tour bus careered off a hilly road killing one passenger and injuring 30 senior citizens, who were on a weekend tour of Petchabun province. Read more

Trade show headaches for newcomers

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BANGKOK, 13 November 2017: You could say the travel industry is spoilt for choice, but the vast array of trade shows vying for our attention could be a nightmare for new players.

Just imagine you have opened a small resort, based on your confidence that the boom in travel will make it a profitable venture, only to learn your competitive set list is as long as your arm.

Better sign up for a trade show fast, but which one? Read more

ITB Asia’s poor carbon footprint

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BANGKOK, 6 November 2017: Travel shows are embracing technology fast and it shows in the reduction of paper waste.  We no longer have the bulky sellers and buyers catalogues. Instead, there are apps that provide a calendar and online databases to provide sellers with access to buyer profiles.

It’s a pity that ITB Asia official trade media is living in the past churning out pulp dailies on heavy glossy paper that are destined for the garbage trucks.

Who takes ITB Asia show dailies home? Apart from the weight, the dailies are freely available online, downloadable to a flash drive in seconds. Read more

Housekeepers hassled and underpaid

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BANGKOK, 24 October 2017: Equality in the hotel workplace still remains a big issue with far too few women taking up the top posts in management.

The hotel industry will quote the vast improvements that have been made noting the high number of women who head marketing, sales and public relations. It may even quote the fact that the majority of housekeepers are women.

Oxfam Canada’s latest report on women’s rights in the hotel industry begs to differ and it focuses particularly on the disparity in wages for women housekeepers. Read more

Green flag for Thai airlines

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BANGKOK, 16 October 2017” Thailand’s aviation industry heaved a sigh or relief, earlier this month, when the International Civil Aviation Organisation removed its red flag on the country’s safety and compliance standards.

A green flag opens the way for Thai airlines to once more add international services to countries that had earlier capped flight levels.

In truth, the country’s airlines were not strictly at fault. They had maintained high safety standards independently of government checks. The problem was government oversight, which proved to be shoddy. Read more

Sports and travel a perfect match.

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BANGKOK, 19 September 2017: After 19 years, Malaysia farewells the Formula 1 series later this month, while neighbour Singapore has signed a new contract to keep its famous F1 night race roaring for another five years.

Hosting mega sports events are the Holy Grail for nations keen to create awareness and boost tourism earnings.

Malaysia lowered the curtain on its F1 Grand Prix claiming it was no longer cost effective. Singapore after several rounds of negotiations secured a financial package that should give it bottom-line benefits for the next five year. Read more

Clean up Thai beaches

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Thailand identified its cleanest beaches and not a single one was a popular beach destination rated by the likes of TripAdvisor.

The Pollution Control Department bases its top 10 list on a scorecard of strict environmental checks of land and sea conditions at all of the country’s beaches.

Predictably, the top beaches were in national parks protected from consumer activities such as hotel and tourism developments.  Some of them close for six months to allow the sensitive environment to recover. Read more

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