Moves to gain heritage recognition

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RAKHINE STATE, 22 June 2017: Myanmar’s Mrauk U’s Department of Archaeology and the National Museum says surveys are being carried out to start the process that could ultimately lead to a UNESCO World Heritage site listing in 2019.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported teams are producing a map that will identify cultural heritage and are installing signs indicating heritage locations and drawing up a long-term management plan that could ultimately lead to filing an application with UNESCO.

The department director, U Nyein Lwin, was quoted saying work has started, but much needed to be done. A team of international experts are helping to survey the site and prepare a bid. Read more

Bagan redraws heritage zones

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BAGAN, 20 June 2017: Bagan’s  World Heritage zone will skirt existing buildings and in some areas be extended to ensure communities do not lose residences or buildings.

The city is preparing its presentation, which will be the framework for a comprehensive request for UNESCO World Heritage recognition, but considerable pressure from residents who stood to lose property has now prompted revisions of the strict zoning that was earlier proposed.

Myanmar Times Bagan’s Department of Archaeology and National Museum director, U Aung Aung Kyaw, said the new zoning project will be completed by the end of this month. Read more

Myanmar lake recognised by UNESCO

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KACHIN STATE, Myanmar, 19 June 2017: Indawgyi Lake was designated as a Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) of the UNESCO’s  network at the 29th session of MAB International Coordination Committee, held 12 to 15 June, at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris, France.

Goble New Light of Myanmar quoted Forest Department general director, Dr Nyi Nyi Kyaw, saying the designation as a MAB reserve is recognition of the value of its biodiversity.

“The government will further development efforts and cooperation with local residents for preservation of the lake and its surrounding areas.” Read more

Bill to protect Inle Lake

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SHAN STATE, 9 June 2017: To preserve Myanmar’s second largest freshwater lake, a bill for the environmental conservation of Inle Lake will be submitted to parliament.

Myanmar Times reported there have been five rounds of discussions about the bill with many stakeholders participating.

The bill was drawn up in October last year to combat a range of environmental problems, including the deterioration of the lake in terms of water  quality and surface area. Read more

MAI codeshare adds Colombo

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YANGON, 8 June 2017: Myanmar Airways International and SriLankan Airlines have entered into a codeshare deal that combines one-stop flights Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The codeshare flights were launched 1 June.

Myanmar Airways International offers flights to Bangkok and Singapore that connect seamlessly with flights operated by SriLankan Airlines from the two major hubs to Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka. Read more

Myanmar wetland recognised by Ramsar

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MON STATE, MYANMAR, 7 June 2017: The Mon State government held a ceremony in Kyaikto Township, last week, to mark the designation of the Gulf of Mottama as the fourth Ramsar Site in Myanmar.

Irrawaddy media quoted Mon State chief minister, Aye Zan, saying the government made a successful bid for recognition of the Mottama wetlands as a Ramsar Site in 2014.

The ceremony was attended by ministers of the Mon State government, lawmakers and some 600 locals. Read more

Road to Mandalay leads to Bagan

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BANGKOK, 6 June 2017: Myanmar’s Bagan with its ancient temples and pagodas is benefiting  from improved airline access from Mandalay, the nearest international gateway.

A new report by C9 Hotelworks ‘Bagan Myanmar Tourism Market Review’ highlights the fact that better road and air access from Mandalay the nearest city with an international airport is driving tourism growth.

This has encourage more travellers from the top five markets, US, UK, Germany, France and Japan. Read more

Pagoda suspends price hike

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YANGON, 6 June 2017: Shwedagon Pagoda’s board of trustees has suspended its plan to increase entrance fees for foreigners from 8,000 kyats to 10,000 kyats.

Irrawaddy media reported the board planned to increase the fees from the beginning of June. The announcement had been made in early May.

The Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) told the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture that the new rate would impact package tour operators, as packages were sold a year in advance. Read more

Myanmar: Smoke-free campaign

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YANGON, 31 May 2017: Myanmar’s Public Health Foundation says smoke-free areas will be designated in the country’s six cities this year in an attempt to build a friendly and healthy image for both domestic and international visitors.

Smoke-free is a reference to cigarette smoking rather than the annual haze, caused through illegal forest fires and slash and burn farming.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported the six designated states and regions including Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway regions, as well as Kayin and Shan states. Read more

Myanmar organises overland rally

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YANGON, 30 May 2017: For the fourth year running, Myanmar will host its Myanmar Heritage Trail Tourism Rally, 3 to 7 June.

The car rally is an opportunity to take a road trip through some of the lesser-known places in Myanmar.

This year’s edition takes drivers south to open up an area of the country that will one day be home to Southeast Asia’s top beach resorts as tourism develops. Read more

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