GNTB steps up ASEAN sales

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FRANKFURT, 13 December 2016: German National Tourist Board will increase its marketing activities in Southeast Asia focusing on the key markets of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

This is the first time the national tourist office has identified the four markets for a focused sales campaign.

In the past, promotions in Southeast Asia were led by state agencies such as Munich’s tourist office and private company, or corporations such as airlines and Deutsche Bahn, the German rail system. Read more

Trump towers a terror target?

December 9, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 9 December 2016: US President Elect, Donald Trump, has properties under development in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) that could ultimately become terror targets.

A report by Bloomberg identifies the worldwide terror risk to buildings branded Trump, once the President Elect takes office in January 2017.

In Indonesia, Trump has licensed his name to MNC Group to build a resort in Bali and another in Lido, 65 km south of Jakarta, already a popular up-scale golf resort Read more

ASEAN rolls out 50th campaign tours

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SINGAPORE, 10 November 2016: Fifty specially chosen cross border travel products will help to attract more visitors to Southeast Asia during the 50th anniversary  celebrations of ASEAN’s founding.

The VISIT ASEAN@50 Golden Celebration 2017 campaign focuses on 50 cross-border travel experiences in Southeast Asia that will showcase the region’s rich diversity.

This will contribute to raising international tourist arrivals to the region from 109 million in 2015 to 121 million by 2017, officials say. Read more

ASEAN taps one in 10 investment dollars

November 4, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 4 November 2016: One in 10 of all tourism investment dollars will go to ASEAN countries over the next 10 years, according to recent research by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

According to the ‘Travel & Tourism Investment in ASEAN 2016 to 2026’ report,  9.7% (nearly one dollar in 10) of global investment in travel and tourism will trickle through to ASEAN.

Travel and tourism investment in ASEAN over the next decade will total USD782 billion, which is 7.4% of all investment in the region. This represents growth of 6.3% per year, or nearly two percentage points over the global average. Read more

ITB Asia: ASEAN names partners for anniversary gig

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SINGAPORE, 21 October 2016: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has entered exclusive partnerships with AirAsia, Mastercard and TTG Travel Trade Publishing to promote the Visit ASEAN@50 campaign worldwide.

The announcement on the partnerships for the anniversary campaign was made during ITB Asia, Thursday.

There are fears that the deal could virtually lock out competitive players from having a meaningful role in the historic celebration. Read more

Red Planet finances its pipeline

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BANGKOK, 29 September 2016: Low-cost hotel company, Red Planet Hotels announced, Wednesday, it has secured  funding of USD70 million from Goldman Sachs, a leading investment bank to support expansion in Asia.

Red Planet Hotels chief executive officer, Tim Hansing, said the Goldman Sachs investment would “support further expansion of the brand and solidify the company’s expansion roadmap.”

Founded in 2010, Red Planet Hotels owns and operates a portfolio of 26 hotels in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The funds from Goldman Sachs will be used to execute a pipeline of 10 hotels that are due to open over the next two years. Read more

Southeast Asia haze a killer

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JAKARTA, 20 September 2016: A smog outbreak in Southeast Asia last year may have caused over 100,000 premature deaths, according to a new study released Monday that triggered calls for action to tackle the “killer haze”.

Researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities in the US estimated there were more than 90,000 early deaths in Indonesia in areas closest to haze-belching fires, and several thousand more in neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia.

The new estimate, reached using a complex analytical model, is far higher than the previous official death toll given by authorities of just 19 deaths in Indonesia. Read more

Visit ASEAN@50 branding launched

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VIENTIANE, 8 September 2016: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, revealed, Wednesday, the branding for its “Visit ASEAN@50 Golden Celebration 2017” tourism campaign.

The branding was unveiled by the 10 ASEAN heads of state at the ASEAN Summit in Vientiane, in Lao PDR.

The new campaign will promote the twin objectives of commemorating the 50th anniversary of ASEAN in 2017, and embracing the ASEAN region of Southeast Asia as a single and united, yet diverse, tourism destination. Read more

ASEAN Hall of Fame takes shape

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PUTRA JAYA, MALAYSIA, 31 August 2016: ASEAN Tourism Association has opened a website to pay tribute to hundreds of industry veterans and stalwarts who laid the foundations of ASEAN’s tourism.

Tributes will focus on former ministers, hoteliers, tour operators, both expatriates and citizens of the 10 nation ASEAN bloc, who played critical roles in building travel and tourism.

The “ASEAN Travel & Tourism Hall of Fame,” project will be one of the official projects to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN. Read more

ASEAN calls for strategy bids

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JAKARTA, 2 August 2016: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is calling for bids from experienced consultants to create the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy 2017 to 2020.

An overall budget of USD30,000 will be assigned to the task.

The deadline to submit proposals is 19 August, with the service agreement due to be signed by 9 September. Read more

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