Vietnam’s tourism in top gear


HANOI, 11 October 2017:  Vietnam’s tourism is powering along gathering a head count of almost 9.5 million visitors for the first nine months of the year.

Based on the country’s Government Statistics Office estimates international visits reached 9,448,331, an increase of 28.4% over the same period last year.

Of that total, 8 million travellers arrived in the country by air and 7 million of them were from Asia. China and South Korea accounted for well over half of the total Asian arrivals at 4,650,550. That’s a substantial market share and risky for the travel industry if one of those markets takes a tumble.  Travel from China increased 47% and from South Korea by 51%.

Other core markets in Asia include Japan, that supplied a substantial 598,332 visits, up 7%, and Taiwan with  458,326 visits up 20%. Malaysia supplied 334,818 visits over the nine months, up 16%.

Beyond Asia, the USA continued to deliver the highest visits at 463,405 (+9%) followed by Russia, 420,635 (+40%), Australia, 275,725 (+13%) and the UK, 213,074 (+12%).

It is highly likely Vietnam will reach 12 million visits this year, ahead of earlier estimates that forecast 11.5 million international arrivals and 66 million domestic trips in 2017 generating an estimated USD20.3 billion in revenue.

By 2020, the country forecasts 17 to 20 million international visits and 82 million domestic trips that will contribute an estimated 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Revenue from tourism will reach USD35 billion.

Last year, the country recorded 10,012,735 international tourist arrivals up 26.0% over 2015.

(Source: GSO, Vietnam)