Ryanair flouts passenger rules


LONDON, 2 October 2017: Ryanair said at the weekend it had complied with demands from Britain’s aviation regulators to inform their customers hit by thousands of flight cancellations of their full rights.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the Irish low-cost carrier had “capitulated” to its demands by telling passengers they could receive a refund, be transferred onto other airlines’ flights and claim for expenses incurred.

The Dublin-based airline had been “systematically flouting” the rules, but “it appears that Ryanair has now capitulated”, said CAA chief executive Andrew Haines.

“We will review their position in detail and monitor this situation to ensure that passengers get what they are entitled to in practice.”

Ryanair has been plagued by a pilot shortage that has led it to axe thousands of flights — and has now extended the wave of cancellations into early 2018.

Ryanair plans to fly 25 fewer aircraft during its European winter schedule.

The move will affect less than 1% of its customers, but more than doubles the tally of passengers who were originally affected by the crisis, which erupted in mid-September.

Ryanair said Friday it had sent an email to all affected customers to clarify their rights to refunds, to re-routing on Ryanair or on other comparable transport options and as to expenses.

They said they had updated their website to reflect the changes.

The carrier had previously offered affected passengers alternative Ryanair flights or a full refund. They were also given a 40-euro (USD47)  travel voucher.

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