TCT says confidence running high


BANGKOK, 29 September 2017: Confidence in Thailand’s tourism is running at an all-time high with the Tourism Council of Thailand claiming the year’s fourth quarter will see the confidence index rise to 103.

Normal business confidence has a benchmark of 100 and the third quarter index according to TCT clocked in at 98.

In its market outlook, presented Wednesday, TCT said quarter three confidence was impacted by concerns over the domestic economy, heavy flooding that disrupted tourism and trade, especially in the northeast region of the country, rising domestic costs and intensified competition in the travel trade.

But tourism in quarter four should motor on gaining enough momentum for TCT to estimate 2017 will close with 35.39 million tourist arrivals. That is ahead of the more conservative 34 million target, identified by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

By the close of 2017, foreign tourist arrivals to Thailand should reach 35.39 million, an increase of 8.59% from 2016, and this should generate tourism revenue of 1.84 trillion baht up 12.49% year on year.

However, TCT says enterprises should be wary of employing more workers in response to positive outcomes in tourism. There has a been a boost in travel and hospitality employment rates.

In the fourth quarter TCT claims international arrivals could reach 9.15 million, which would represent a whopping 17.76% increase over the fourth quarter of last year.

To support tourism in the long-run, TCT says the government must develop transportation systems of high quality to link secondary cities in the country.

Security including road safety should be a priority to tackle Thailand’s poor image. In the awareness and image area, TCT’s data suggests, international tourists continue to be drawn to southern beach resorts.

According to its analysis foreign tourists are talking more about Thailand’s beach resorts with Maya,  Patong Beach, Phuket, Samui, Tao and Phangan often compared with Bali.

Based on the analysis of foreign tourists’ attitudes, through social media channels  data showed 81% of travellers had a positive attitude toward Thailand. The positive image rating was the highest for Krabi, 96% followed by Phuket 93%.


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  2. As a veteran tourism official I would like to suggest all who participate in tourist arrival collection to revise the process of the collection because there are now many factors that affect or bias the result. For example, the number of people who visit Thailand for temporarily work hiding as tourists and the ones who visit for other purposes other than tourism, but they check the arrival cards as tourists.

    • the trouble is there is no truth at all in those numbers – tourists, visits or arrivals. those numbers are pure lies made up randomly.

      • Easy to say it is all a pack of lies, more difficult to prove. Comments should be more positive on ways to improve and resolve issues. Thailand follows the accepted procedures for collecting data on tourist arrivals in the same manner as all the other countries that are members of the UNWTO. So why pick on Thailand? Of course there is a margin of error. Counting heads at immigration counters is pretty basic, but it is a start. It would be good if Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism shared more accurate information and made it available in other languages than Thai. Its website is quite pathetic in terms of timely information, data, and current news, whatever the language. It could start by ensuring the estimates of tourist spend are based on a reliable and realistic formula. However, for Lies@TAT to simply say “the numbers are pure lies” is frankly nonsense. Is that why the comment is anonymous?

    • It is Typical Spinning of Thai officials, and Only Changes the mouthpiece from TAT to TCT.

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