ASIA DMC extends footprint


HANOI, 29 August 2017: Vietnam-based ASIA DMC will launch a North American sales office based in Los Angeles headed by American born, Derek Ong.

Ong will assume the role of director of sales and marketing for ASIA DMC in the US.

With a background of more than 14 selling travel in Southeast Asia with leading travel firms, Ong will introduce ASIA DMC’s products and services to US homeland.

Derek K. Ong

Ong spent the past three and a half years living in Thailand, gaining valuable experience to help him lead ASIA DMC’s sales North America.

“International tourism from the Americas is becoming more and more important for the success of Southeast Asian tourism destinations,” said Ong. “I am excited to introduce ASIA DMC’s products and services to the Americas and develop a position within the marketplace”

The US is one of the oldest travel supply markets dating back to post World War II when US tour operators pioneered package tours to the “Orient”, that focused on Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

But for Asia the US outbound market has never experienced the kind of growth seen in the China and India outbound markets. It consistently delivers single digit growth to the region, despite the high cost of air travel over the Pacific and a weakening of the US dollar.

Through its new US office, ASIA DMC will connect with North American travel companies to foster B2B travel bookings.

“This is a very exciting time for ASIA DMC; we have just recently grown our position within Australasia, Europe and the UK with representatives within each of those regions,” said, of ASIA DMC managing director, Linh Le.

ASIA DMC was founded in 1997 in Hanoi where the company is headquartered. It has expand throughout Asia with the Philippines and Sri Lanka its latest office bases.