KAL offers 35% off webfares


BANGKOK, 13 July 2017: Korean Air is offering promotional fares for travel to destinations in Asia and North America.

Bookings are open until 31 August, this year, for all routes except Sapporo and Washington that close for bookings 31 July.

Travel periods extend to 24 June 2018 for all routes except Busan (until 30 April next year), Las Vegas (until 31 May next year) and New York (until 6 December next year).

The promotion starts with roundtrip fares, inclusive of fuel surcharge, carrier imposed fee and taxes, ex-Bangkok, at THB14,125 to Busan in South Korea and THB20,860 to Sapporo in Japan.

A THB26,640 fare sells to Vancouver in Canada.

Other fares to the US are: THB27,040 Los Angeles; THB28,130 San Francisco; THB31,080 New York; THB33,560 Las Vegas; THB33,850 Seattle; THB38,400 Houston; and THB49,310 Washington.

Fares could differ due to currency fluctuations. The promotion saves 25% off the airline’s fares posted on its booking website. Visit www.koreanair.com.

In comparison, Thai Airways International sells inclusive roundtrip fares starting at THB17,440 to Busan, THB27,730 to Sapporo, THB33,850 to Los Angeles and THB37,420 to Vancouver.

Korean Air Promotional Fares