Road to Mandalay leads to Bagan


BANGKOK, 6 June 2017: Myanmar’s Bagan with its ancient temples and pagodas is benefiting  from improved airline access from Mandalay, the nearest international gateway.

A new report by C9 Hotelworks ‘Bagan Myanmar Tourism Market Review’ highlights the fact that better road and air access from Mandalay the nearest city with an international airport is driving tourism growth.

This has encourage more travellers from the top five markets, US, UK, Germany, France and Japan.

In 2016, 282,387 overseas visitors were recorded, with a five-year compounded average growth rate standing as 12%.

One clear trend identified by C9’s research is the emergence of low-season travellers from the Asian neighbours, which is helping to boost travel during the low season months June through to October.

In the report’s forward outlook, C9 Hotelworks states  FIT bookings currently account for 38% of hotel stays, with the remaining coming from agents. Couples are the main market segment in FIT demand, followed by families and friends.

Market-wide ADR for international standard hotels was USD99 in 2016, while occupancy averaged 52%. Average length of stay for tourists is 2.5 nights, with foreign guests making up approximately 78% of total bookings in four and five-star hotels.

Currently, new hotel developments are only permitted in hotel zones 3 and 4, with zone 3 being more popular due to its closer proximity to Nyaung U Village, the airport, and bus station.

There are 804 additional keys expected to come on-stream within the next two years, with a trend towards smaller scale development.

Bagan is now on the tentative list for becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. New regulations are pushing hotels to move to the outer area of the archaeological zone.

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