China opens Bangkok tourism office


BANGKOK, 26 June 2017: China National Tourism Administration opened a bureau in Bangkok, last week, the authority’s 22nd overseas office according China Radio Online.

Officials attending the opening ceremony said the two countries enjoy strong two-way travel.

The opening of the China National Tourism Office in Bangkok will also encourage more tourism exchange and provide support for projects linked to China’s “one belt, one road” policy.

Official opening of China National Tourism Office Bangkok. Photo credit: CR online.

In related news the Chinese news agency reported, 13 June, that the Yunnan Tourism Development Board plans to cooperate with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar to develop tourism projects in the three countries.

The commitment by Yunnan provincial officials was made during a cross-border tourism cooperation meeting held during the China-Southeast Asia trade fair in Kunming.

Yunnan will cooperate with the three countries to facilitate cross-border travel for tourists. It will include support to develop basic facilities, public services and the opening of self-drive tourism.

One of the priority issues is to resolve security for tourists, mainly Chinese who want to drive to neighbouring countries.

With the exception of Laos, where Chinese cars are a common sight particularly in Luang Prabang province, there is virtually no self-drive travel from China to Myanmar and Vietnam.

The same applies to Thailand, which turned the tap off on what was a lucrative travel trend, through regulations that were designed to deter Chinese car owners. Authorities claimed there had been too many accidents.

China National Tourism Administration director general Sae Chee Wei said: “Strengthening cross-border tourism cooperation with Southeast Asian countries would benefit all parties. (It will) contribute to promoting the economic and social development of remote areas, increase understanding and friendship between the people.”

(Source China Radio Online)