Australia woos Singaporean tourists


SINGAPORE, 5 June 2017: Singaporeans travelling to Australia, next year will be eligible for a new visa that will allow stays of up to three months at a time, over a six-year validity period.

ChannelNewsAsia reported the new visa was “exclusive” to Singaporeans and would be effective from 1 January, 2018.

The announcement on the long-term visa was made 2 June by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his three-day visit to Singapore.

Also announced at the same time was a new work and holiday maker programme, which will allow young people from Australia and Singapore to undertake short-term work or study in an exchange programme with 500 places available from each country.

The programme begins 1 August this year. It will boost attendance in education programmes in both countries.

The long-term holiday visa will allow Singaporeans to spend up to three months in the country at one time. The visa will be valid for multiple visits within the six year period.

It is expected to boost leisure travel from Singapore especially families taking extended holidays.