Adventure on the River Kwai


BANGKOK, 27 June 2017: Khiri Travel Thailand has launched a new two-day/one-night Sai Yok National Park Adventure Package.

The national park is a three-hour drive west of Bangkok.

Starting in Kachanaburi town, the new trip combines hiking, kayaking, forest ecology insights and an overnight in a comfortable floating raft house on the River Kwai.

Due to an early start from Kanchanaburi the tour operator’s clients can swim alone in the Erawan waterfalls before day trip crowds arrives. With their emerald green ponds, the falls are arguably the most beautiful in Thailand.

After an organic lunch wrapped in banana leaves – no plastic used – Khiri guests visit the remarkable Prasat Muang Singh Bayon-style Khmer complex. The 9th century ruins mark the most westerly known outpost of the Khmer empire dating back close to a thousand years.

The afternoon is spent in Sai Yok national park at a river beach on secluded bend of the River Kwai Noi reached by a bamboo raft towed by a long-tail boat. An overnight stay follows at Krit Raft House.

On the second day after an early start at 0700 the group enjoys a kayak excursion downstream with a spot of fishing. Guests paddle to a secluded beach next to a sustainable riverside basecamp that uses solar energy and collects rainfall.

When there, the family of a local village chief makes a hearty breakfast. There’s a short bicycle ride before some moderately strenuous forest hiking led by experienced park rangers who tell guests which plants are edible and how to look for signs of wildlife.

A variety of trails are available, depending on guests’ fitness levels and interests. The trip concludes with a shower at the river base camp and a minivan transfer back to Kanchanaburi town.

“Sai Yok allows guests to really dive in deep for a true Thailand nature experience – but with great meals and a comfortable river raft overnight,” said Khiri Travel Thailand commercial director, Marc Ruffet.

The Sai Yok trip combines well with Kanchanaburi’s other attractions such as Hellfire Pass, the war cemeteries, the Bridge on the River Kwai, or onward itineraries to Ayutthaya, Bangkok or Hua Hin.

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