Vietnam airlines tardy on timings


HANOI, 21 April 2017: Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam reports more than 7,050 flights operated by airlines in Vietnam missed their scheduled departures, January to  mid-March.

Local media quoted the CAAV saying four Vietnamese carriers offered a combined total of 55,251 flights between 1 January and 15 March, with 7,059 of them delayed and 337 cancelled.

Jetstar Pacific topped the country’s list of airlines with the highest number of delayed and cancelled services.

A total of 2,337 Jetstar services missed their scheduled departures, accounting for 12.3% of the carrier’s total flights, while 174 of its flights were cancelled.

Vietnam Airlines operated 25,494 flights. Of these, 2,187 flights, or 8.6%, were delayed and 98 were cancelled.

Vietjet flew 19,015 services, 12.3% of which, or 2,337, were delayed, second only to Jetstar. Vietjet had only five cancelled flights during the same period.

Vietnam Air Services Co (VASCO) saw 156 flights taking off late and 60 services cancelled out of 2,200 flights it operated in the period.

CAAV pointed out infrastructure constraints, weather and technical glitches as the main reasons behind the flight delays and cancellations.

The number of passengers recorded at airports across the country rose 16.1% year- on-year to 22 million passengers.

Domestic airlines offered more than 228,000 flights last year, according to the aviation transport department. Of which, 38,500 flights were delayed and cancelled, including roughly 36,850 postponed services.