Asia DMC launches Roots and Fruits


HANOI, 29 March 2017: HG Foundation and ASIA DMC are celebrating 20 years since the founding of its parent travel firm in Vietnam with a ‘Roots and Fruits’ tree-planting campaign across the nine countries in Asia where the company currently operates.

The campaign will unfold with the planting of hundreds of fruit trees across remote areas in countries where the company has a presence.

Roots and Fruits spearheads tree planting using funds raised by charitable initiatives introduced through the tour operator’s subsidiaries; ASIA DMC, Bhaya Cruises, Sens Asia, Gotadi and HG Aviation.

ASIA DMC Sai Gon hard at work.

It is also part of a carbon-offset programme, an innovative strategy to incorporate social responsibility and ensure that operations promote sustainable travel and tourism.

“Sustainable tourism in Southeast Asia is no longer something companies can choose to ignore,” stated Tran, HG Holdings CEO Thanh Nam. “HG Holdings and our subsidiaries are dedicated to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We are keen to play a positive role in the future of Asian tourism.”

ASIA DMC’s CSR initiatives will launch first in destinations across the Mekong Region reaching out to Thailand, Myanmar and then beyond the Mekong Region to Indonesia by the middle of this year.

By the end of 2017, the company plans to partner with tour operator partners in Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States to rollout further initiatives.