Airport takeaway: Plus 300% minus 5%


BANGKOK, 31 March 2017: Thai Smile is offering passengers a 5% discount on food and beverages at participating restaurants at Suvarnabhumi Airport until the end of December this year.

The response to this kind of travel deal will probably be “so what” as Suvarnabhumi Airport’s restaurant prices are grossly inflated causing a constant flow of complaints on social media from Thai travellers.

Offering 5% off when prices are double or even triple what the identical restaurants charges in a luxury shopping mall in downtown Bangkok is often described as a rip-off and a disgrace.

For what it’s worth, the other side of the coin might be that any discount should be grabbed with glee as it reduces the pain point even if it is a meager 5%.

The privilege will offer a discount at the airport’s 12 participating restaurants.

They are:  Siam Sweet; Spawn; McDonald’s; Eat-tion Thai Food; Blue Cup Coffee; Lee Café’; Cream & Fudge; Coffee World & New York 5th Avenue Deli; @ Bangkok Café’ & Bar; Auntie Anne’s; Silom Village; Coffee World

You could try the water test and ask for a bottle of chilled water. The minimum charge is THB50, which is five times the price of the identical bottle sold at 7-Eleven before you get your 5% off.

The discount is valid only on presentation of a boarding pass. The promotion is available until 31 December this year, so there is plenty of time to catch the 5% discount offer. Or do yourself a favour and stock up on snacks before you head to the airport.


  1. The unfortunate reality of life is that every airport that I have been to -over70- has increased prices over and above normal retail prices. I have found that Suvarnabhumi airport not too bad for prices for very good food. You could always protest by not buying food there.
    Try buying food at a New Zealand airport- prices high enough to give you a heart attack.
    Lee Amor YOURTravel

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