Hanoi tunes Opera House events


HANOI, 16 February 2017: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has proposed two new tourism packages that showcase performances at the historical Opera House in a move to offer quality entertainment for visitors to the Vietnamese capital.

Local media reported the proposal complies with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s decision to organise regular shows for tourists at the venue.

Officials said Hanoi’s should be a capital of culture and quality entertainment that reflects the best of Vietnam’s heritage and arts.

inside no 2VNAT head, Nguyen Van Tuan, said performances at the Hanoi Opera House will boost Vietnam’s tourism.

“We need to ensure that we organise appropriate and attractive programmes on a regular basis to appeal to tourists, who will be able to explore and understand our culture.”

A tour of art exhibitions at the Opera House would last for 45 minutes to one hour, he suggested. In addition there are around 20 spectacular shows staged at the Hanoi Opera House annually.

A second tour lasting five to six hours includes visits to the Old Quarter, Museum of National History, Museum of Vietnamese Women or Museum of Vietnam’s Fine Arts (depending on the guests’ choice), a meal at a local restaurant and a show at the Opera House, he said.

Regular shows of traditional performing arts will be presented on a trial basis at the Opera House, March through to April. Tickets are already on sale.

While applauding efforts to add cultural entertainment in the capital, tour operators noted that it would require plenty of advance notice to sell tickets to pre-booked tour groups.

“It has to be an annual calendar feature with advance promotions of the performances…last minute promotions will not work…the tickets will also need to be sold online through channels that travellers use when planning trips.”

Dubbed a miniature of the Opera Garnier in Paris, the Hanoi Opera House was built in 1911 by French colonial rulers. Today it still remains as one of most opulent buildings in Hanoi. It is the venue for events, conferences, and high-class domestic and world-class performances.

Hanoi’s tourism sector, this year, will generate 23.39 million trips, including 4.08 million foreign visits, with an estimated revenue of USD2.89 billion, according to the Municipal Tourism Department.

It reported that the capital welcomed 21.8 million visitors in 2016, including 4 million foreigners, earning USD2.72 billion, up 13% year on year.