Kenya Airways CEO resigns


NAIROBI, 28 November 2016: Kenya Airways announced, late last week, the resignation of its chief executive officer, a move demanded by pilots complaining of mismanagement at the troubled airline.

CEO Mbuvi Ngunze will step down in the first quarter of 2017. His resignation follows that of chairman Dennis Awori only last month.

“While I regret this decision, I respect his position,” said the airline’s new chairman, Michael Joseph.

inside no 9 Mbuvi Ngunze
Mbuvi Ngunze

The airline in October averted a crippling strike by pilots demanding that management step down after what they called disastrous strategic decisions that left the company in severe financial difficulty.

The strike would have struck a major blow to the embattled airline, already facing growing criticism over alleged corruption, flight delays and high prices.

However it was put on hold as the government assured the strikers of change at the top.

Joseph said the airline would find its next CEO within three months.

Kenya Airways in July posted a net annual loss of 26.22 billion shillings (USD250 million/230 million euros) — the worst ever by a Kenyan company.

The airline that sports the slogan is “Pride of Africa”, is among the 10 biggest in Africa, with key connections to Europe and Asia.

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