Star themes round-the-world travel


FRANKFURT, 31 August 2016: Star Alliance is selling themed around-the-world itineraries that tap alliance members’ fare deals and business class travel.

The latest themed around-the-world fares are available on a dedicated website and allow passengers to create a journey from scratch.

Travellers can now choose from round-the-world fares that based on experience themes.

inside no 7They include: World Food, World Wonders, Architecture Hotspots, Nature Trail, Aquatic Wonders, Ramsar Wetlands, Natural Wonders, Great Hotels, Sports Hotspots, Wine Tasting, Romantic Journey and Luxury Lifestyle.

Full details can be found at

Bookings are made easier by using the alliance’s App “Book & Fly” that has been updated to allow travellers to choose the closest airport to their home as the starting point for their selected themed itinerary. Further customisation by adding, removing or exchanging destinations is also possible.

The “Star Alliance Book & Fly” tool can be found on the Alliance’s website at  and is available in English, German and Japanese.

Those wishing to share their travel plans can do so via the integrated social media functionality. Once all flights have been booked, electronic tickets can be issued directly via the online tool.

Alternatively customers can contact any of the Star Alliance member airlines, or a travel agent to book and purchase a Round the World ticket.

inside no 7.1Round the World fares generally offer better value for money than individual one-way tickets on separate airlines for the same journey.

TTR Weekly discovered that in some cases the best deals offer business class travel and that the dedicated website is user friendly and easy to navigate through to purchase and confirmation of itineraries.

The actual price varies by market as well as by distance travelled and class flown.

In terms of distance, customers can create an individual itinerary covering up to 26,000, 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles.

Customers can build their own routings within the maximum mileage of the selected fare level. Travel needs to begin and end in the same country and be in one direction, either going east or west, although some zigzagging is permitted within a single continent. Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean must be crossed once.

Layovers of at least 24 hours must be made in a minimum of three cities and the overall itinerary may include up to 15 stops. Some economy class fares have a maximum of five stops.

The Star Alliance round the world fares are available for travel in all classes and depending on the fare, customers can choose to travel for either up to six or 12 months.

For more details of the seven Star Alliance fare products check this link.


Supporting the launch of the round the world themes, Star Alliance hired seven travel bloggers to travel on one of the themed itineraries and report on their journey.