Thailand creates new tourism plan


BANGKOK, 29 July 2016: Ministry of Tourism and Sports will draft National Tourism Development Plan II (2017 to 2021) that will become the country’s master plan for tourism once approved by the Thai Cabinet.

Speaking at the Association of Thai Travel Agents meeting, Thursday, the ministry’s Office of the Permanent Secretary’s Advisory Committee of Project Planning head, Chanchai Tanatkatrakul, told members that the ministry was drafting the National Tourism Development Plan II based on recent discussions with the private and related sectors.

The first plan covered the years 2012 to 2016.

inside no 1“There are both internal and external factors that we have to consider particularly competition and tourism trends, tourist behavioral changes, aging society, technology, new innovation including collaboration in ASEAN countries, regional and global,” he said.

The five-year plan should focus on developing the country’s prosperity and sustainability, creating quality leisure destinations, generating revenue for local economies and developing tourist attractions, products and services linked to the Thainess concept.

“Safety and security are also key elements that will be included in the plan,” he added.

The objective is to increase tourist spending per person, improve human resources’ skills, develop laws and regulations to benefit the tourism industry and create new infrastructure in transportation, tourism information and technology.

The draft plan once completed will be presented to the Deputy Prime Minister Thanasak Patimaprakorn, who heads the National Policy Committee for Tourism, and then the Cabinet for approval, 1 October.

ATTA secretary, Adith Chairattananon, suggested private sector leaders in tourism should be more more involved in the drafting process.

“Collaboration on draft plan is needed from both public and private sectors… the private sector will be able to present a clearer perspective reflecting the business interests of tourism.”

He added: “The draft plan should offer a clear definition of “quality tourism” and “sustainability”…we need a clear meaning for the words before we set out an efficient guideline for related authorities to work on target.”

In addition, he said, risk and crisis management should be added to the plan.

“We should also consider Thailand’s carrying capacity to welcome tourists…how many tourists can we handle and how do we balance it so we can preserve the country’s resources and culture.”


  1. 1. It is very surprising that they are still not sure of the meaning of quality and sustainable tourism.
    2. I wonder which public organisation is interested to follow the plan.
    3. I wonder who have clearly seen and understood the tourism development plan.
    4. Can the ministry of tourism and sports do all according to the plan or not.

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