TAT: Drive to add family travel attractions


PATTAYA, 29 July 2016: A 40-km cycle route around Pattaya to the resort’s Big Buddha hill will be promoted as a distinctive travel experience in the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s promotional activities for the east coast resort.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Pattaya office director, Suladda Sarutilavan, said the agency would focus considerable efforts on marketing Pattaya to the Thai domestic travel market and introducing a new 40-km bike route would be a crucial element in the campaign.

For international visitors the replantation of mangrove trees in the Siricharoenwat Forest Project was cited as a strong selling point.

inside no 10The Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration funded and developed the 40-km bike route from Pattaya to Big Buddha Hill as a new activity that would appeal to family tourists and add high value travel experiences at Thailand’s oldest resort.

The TAT Pattaya director said the bike route would be a good addition to efforts to give Pattaya ecotourism style experiences.

DASTA officials, who are leading a sustainable-tourism drive focusing on projects in Pattaya and its surrounding sub-districts, showed off the bike project to tourism officials in Pattaya, earlier this year, saying the hilly, rural area around the resort were beautiful and ideal for eco-tourists especially leisure cyclists.

Easier airline access to Pattaya via the U-Tapao airport will enable tourists to travel directly to Pattaya and nearby resorts especially from Northeast Thailand.

The long-term objective is to expand family-related travel experiences on the eastern seaboard at resorts along the coast from Pattaya south to Sattahiip a commercial and naval port town close to U-Tapao airport.