Cambodia gets tough on smoking


PHNOM PENH, 28 July 2016: Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism and relevant authorities will implement a smoke-free policy in the tourism sector to give the industry a cleaner and healthier image while promoting public health.

The tourism ministry will cooperate with the Ministry of Health, local authorities and partner organisations to introduce the campaign following a national workshop on the implementation a smoke-free policy in tourism, held last week.

Agence Kampuchea Presse said the smoke-free policy in tourism would improve the welfare of visitors and residents.

inside no 4Around 10,000 Cambodian people die every year, or about 30 people a day on average from tobacco-related illnesses.

According to the Ministry of Tourism’s instruction, tourism business owners must participate in the campaign and ban smoking in public areas by clearly displaying no smoking signs, removing ashtrays in non-smoking areas and banning the advertising of tobacco products said Under Secretary of State for Tourism, Hor Sarun.

“If business owners fail to follow instructions, the Ministry of Tourism will not issue or renew their business licences,” he warned.

According to the latest WHO statistics, there are close to 2 million tobacco users in Cambodia, of which 1.5 million smoke cigarettes, while the balance chew tobacco. The latter are guilty of spitting the residue into ash trays, on street pavements, on the floor of buses and even out  of the open windows of cars and taxis.