Vietnam to focus on e-marketing


HANOI, 29 April 2016: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has a budget to spend USD44,800 on e-marketing to increase Vietnam’s competitiveness in tourism.

Vietnam Investment Review quoted VNAT’s vice chairman, Ha Van Sieu, saying that e-marketing was an important tool to reach national tourism targets.

“In recent years, the application of digital technology, especially e-marketing, has made a positive impact on tourism.”

inside no 2VNAT and the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB), a non-profit social enterprise representing Vietnam’s leading tourism stakeholders, formed a strategic marketing partnership last October to increase the country’s competitiveness as a tourism destination.

This year, the strategy will focus on online marketing to boost tourism, according to Hawkins Pham, a member of TAB and managing partner of ASEAN Capital.

“The number of travellers who use online resources to make travel decisions ranges from 16% to 80% depending on the market…TAB and VNAT must address this fact with a digital marketing campaign.”

The focus is on creating a top content platform to reach out to websites, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram. These channels provide free media-based user driven content.

“Our strategy is to leverage this user-generated content and combine it with official government media content in order to reach a broader audience,” he added.

Travel and tourism represents at least 5% of Vietnam’s GDP, which is roughly USD10 billion. This has a very big impact on the economy, he said.

During 2015, the country attracted 7.9 million international tourists up a marginal 0.9% over 2014. The top 10 markets were China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.