Horrific pack attackers arrested


HUA HIN, 29 April 2016:  Four Thai men have now been arrested for the brutal attack on a British family in Hua Hin during Songkran, while the identities of the victims have also been revealed, Thai Visa.Com reported earlier today.

The victims have been named as Lewis Owen, 68, his wife Rosemary Owen, in her sixties, and their son Lewis John Owen, 43. They are believed to be from Wales.

On Thursday, a photograph was released to local media showing Rosemary recovering in her hospital bed, pictured alongside officials, who hospital staff claimed were for the Thailand Authority of Thailand.

284909 - CopyThere were also as yet unconfirmed reports that some of the suspects were out on bail.

A  CCTV video of the attack in Soi Bintabaht, 13 April  has been shared, worldwide, with news organisations, newspapers from New Zealand to the UK and  social media platforms reporting the incident that will have a disastrous impact on the nation’s tourism.

Worldwide media quoted Kulsawek Sawekwannakorn, a Hua Hin based journalist for Daily News, who wrote on his Facebook page that four men have been arrested. Siwa (Neng) Noksri and Chaya (Boy) Jaibun are the latest two along with Supatta (Mong) Baithong and Yingyai (M) Saengkhamin, both 32, who were arrested 17 April and shown in bulletproof vests in front of grim-faced police.

Supatta has already given evidence that he was drunk and offered the lame excuse that the altercation started after the younger Owen brushed his arm.

The video clearly shows a full-scale melee as several Thai men assaulted the tourists ultimately leaving them all unconscious on the pavement.

Particularly shocking is the attack on gray-haired Rosemary who was punched in the face and then savagely kicked in the jaw as she tried to get up.

The son also called Lewis has returned to Singapore where he works, and his parents were due to fly to the UK, 3 May. A court hearing is expected to be convened quickly so that the parents can give evidence.

It is understood that Rosemary is still in hospital complaining of headaches and is being monitored by doctors. She suffered severe bruising on her face and head while both father and son suffered head wounds.

Lewis & Rose Owen: Wales New Service

Lewis and Rose were regular visitors to Thailand and have previously told friends of their love for the country.

Grand parents who travel to see their son who lives in Singapore, they have now vowed never to return to Thailand.

International news organisation have covered the attack extensively as well as print media in the UK.

For latest news and background visit Daily Mirror:


Online Thai posts expressed outrage over the incident and called for severe penalties for those accused. Striking an elderly person, or woman, is considered repulsive in Thai society and there is considerable evidence that  Thais  hold seniors and mothers in high regard.

A witness to the assault who gave a statement to police and is the owner of a motorcycle rental shop very close to where the attack took place told sanook.com he had noticed a decline in tourists adding that before the incident he was renting 10 bikes a day and this has now dropped to one or two.

A spokesman for the Tourism Authority of Thailand said: “An investigation is  underway and the suspects will soon be under the jurisdiction of the court.

“If found guilty, the perpetrators of this incident will face full justice under Thai law.”


  1. Great opportunity for TAT to show some genuine Thainess and leadership and offer the family a five-star holiday, all expenses paid to show that the famous smile is for real. Millions around the world have now read this awful story, so some pretty sharp crisis response is in order.

  2. What a horrible incident. I hope the low lives who perpetrated this crime receive many years in prison. I also hope that the elderly couple involved make a full recovery. Perhaps it might be an idea if next time they come to visit their son in Singapore, they could visit nearby Malaysia instead. Or fly up to Vietnam or perhaps Myanmar. Why always Thailand?

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