Cambodia wants more flights from China


PHNOM PENH, 29 April 2016: Cambodia has asked China to ease the way for direct flights from southwestern Guizhou province to promote trade and tourism.

Khmer Times media claimed the Minister for the Office of the Council of Ministers Sok An made the request to the province’s Communist party secretary, Chen Minér, during a meeting in Phnom Penh, Monday.

“In order to increase Chinese tourists to Cambodia, we want to attract direct commercial flights from Guizhou to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap,” Sok An reported.

inside no 3“Cambodia would encourage multiple visas for Chinese visitors. This means that Chinese need just one visa, but they can visit our country several times a year.”

Guizhou province, located in the southwest part of China has many covered bridges, called Wind and Rain Bridges. These were built by the Dong minority people many centuries ago.

The southeastern corner of the province is known for its Dong minority culture. Towns such as Rongjiang, Liping, Diping and Zhaoxing are scattered amongst the hills along the border with Guangxi province.

Last year, Cambodia attracted 4.77 million international visits compared to 4.50 million in 2014. Chinese arrivals ranked second with 694,712 visits in 2015 up 24.0% from 560,335 visits in 2014.

Cambodia should welcome as many as 2 million Chinese tourists to the kingdom by 2020.


  1. Why does there need to be a special multiple entry visa for Chinese visitors? Assuming the Chinese government now allows it’s citizens to leave the country without a visa to destinations that offer a visa on-arrival, with Cambodia offering one for Chinese, what’s preventing a Chinese person from applying for an ordinary visa for US$35, followed by a 12-month multiple entry extension of stay, that can be had for US$280-285? I don’t get it. The multiple entry ordinary (business) visa doesn’t require any documents, any foreigner eligible for a visa on arrival can get it and extend it easily through a travel agency. Each year it can then be extended for a further year at a time. The author who wrote this news story clearly didn’t do their homework.

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