Yangon park now a landmark


YANGON, 23 December 2015: Yangon Heritage Trust awarded a blue plaque to Maha Bandoola Park in Kyauktada township, Yangon, to distinguish it as one of the city’s top architectural landmarks.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported the Blue Plaque is the 10th that the Trust has granted in the city. Other recent additions were the Government Technical Institute (GTI) and the Lawkanat Building.

Blue Plaques are permanent signs installed at a public place to commemorate a link between the location and a famous person, event, or landmark. They serve as a kind of historical marker.

inside no 1 Credit Global New Light of Myanmar
Credit Global New Light of Myanmar

Maha Bandoola Park has played a critical role in the history of the city and is also important to residents. It is adjacent to the famous Sule Pagoda and faces Yangon City Hall.

The park has long been a venue for cultural performances and public gatherings. It has also been associated with political movements since colonial times.

National leaders, including Bogyoke Aung San, campaigned in the park for independence from the British Empire.

After Myanmar’s independence, the site and the surrounding area played a role as the epicentre of democratic movements such as the 8888 Uprising and Saffron Revolution in 2007.

When the British planned the city in 1852, the site was left vacant and known as Tank Square. In 1867 to 1868, the swampy square was leveled and laid out as a public recreational area.

It was named after Fytche Square, the Chief Commissioner of the British Crown Colony of Burma at the time.

The park was redesigned in 2012 by the Yangon City Development Council.  Phillips Corporation installed lighting in the park, the report said.

The park has become a popular destination for international visitors and city residents alike.

Other sites that have received Blue Plaques include the Government Central Press, the Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank, the General Post Office, the Central Fire Station, the Armenian Church, the headquarters of AYA Bank and Yangon City Hall.

The commemorative Blue Plaque is part of YHT’s efforts to protect Yangon’s architectural and cultural heritage.