Festive season time out


BANGKOK, 23 December 2015: The year-end holiday season is underway with Christmas celebrations followed a week later with mega countdown events to mark the New Year across destination in Southeast Asia.

TTR Weekly takes a break for its daily news cover over Christmas and New Year.

We will be back 4 January with business-day news updates on travel in Southeast Asia and particularly the Mekong Region.

FireworksWe wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and prosperity throughout 2016.

2016 promises growth for Southeast Asia’s tourism industry and experts predict fuel prices will remain low and the global economy strong to drive both air and overland travel.

The challenges for the tourism industry will remain the same. How do we deliver quality and balance markets to ensure our tourism growth is sustainable and does not overstrain resources?

Security and safety will continue to make headlines and tourism’s ability to prosper will depend on whether governments can resolve issues peacefully through dialogue.