Shake hands share heads


DUBLIN, 30 October 2015: A Dutch start-up Shake-On launches its smart bracelet at one of the world’s biggest technology exhibitions, next week,  that will attract 30,000 attendees.

It is the first event, worldwide, to use the smart bracelet, Shake-On, that allows visitors, exhibitors and organisers to pass contact information at the shake of the hands.

The information transfer is automatic between two people, wearing bracelets when they shake hands.

“Shake-On’s versatile bracelet and data offering will be a highlight for Web Summit within the Big Data category” said, Web Summit manager, Patrick Griffith.

inside no 8The event takes place in Dublin, 3 to 5 November.

The smart bracelet will be worn by a pilot group of visitors, who will exchange real-time data with other visitors by shaking hands. The software and app that Shake-On will show users details of the people they have met and where they have been.

Under development since November 2014 the smart bracelet is programmed with a unique algorithm that detects the movement of the handshake and combined with the Shake-On app, automatically exchanges contact information.

In addition to this networking feature for the visitors, the smart bracelet provides valuable insights to the organisers and exhibitors.

They will receive an complete overview of the number and behaviour of their visitors, as well as the visitors’ demographics in terms of interests and professional backgrounds.

“Shake-On wants to optimize events by creating an eco-system where all parties involved will contribute and benefit.” said Babak Heydari, founder of Shake-On. “Our software checks all the data and translates these into concrete possibilities to make the event even more successful.”

In 2016, the startup will focus on conquering their domestic market in the Netherlands. TEDx and ‘Week van de Ondernemer’ (‘Week of the Entrepreneur’) will work with the technology.

Sven van Egmond, Strategy director at Week van de Ondernemer stated: “For many years we are dreaming of a simple way to connect entrepreneurs up front, during, and after our events. For us, Shake-On is the perfect match.”

The shake hands data transfer might not catch on for events held in Thailand where the traditional greeting is the touchless “Wai” rather than the western hand shake.

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