Qatar cuts summer fares


BANGKOK, 30 June 2015: Qatar Airways has cut its fares on flights departing Bangkok and Phuket to selected destinations, across its network in economy and business class during July to December this year.

The promotion sells roundtrip fares, inclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges, in economy and business class at THB24,815 and THB57,710 to Abu Dhabi.

Fares to other Middle East destinations are: THB26,255 and THB58,915 Bahrain; THB35,270 and THB107,650 Istanbul; THB37,195 and THB78,110 Jeddah; and THB38,925 and THB90,875 Doha.

Fares to Europe:

inside no 2UK: THB36,710 and THB117,000 London; and THB44,600 and THB118,390 Manchester.

Spain: THB33,445 and THB114,240 Madrid; and THB45,670 and THB133,080 Barcelona.

Other fares: THB29,125 and THB82,935 Vienna; THB31,265 and THB118,205 Paris; THB33,390 and THB116,800 Munich; THB39,900 and THB116,750 Athens; and THB45,680 and THB104,090 Venice.


Fares are: THB42,755 and THB145,725 New York; THB45,755 and THB149,475 Chicago; THB46,755 and THB153,475 Washington DC; THB48,170 and THB143,045 Miami; THB50,745 and THB150,475 Houston; and THB62,255 and THB195,960 Montreal.


Fares cover: THB34,710 and THB64,220 Cairo; THB40,405 and THB104,245 Algiers; THB40,615 and THB116,605 Casablanca; THB43,135 and THB104,685 Dar Es Salaam; THB46,710 and THB145,550 Cape Town; and THB46,900 and THB101,545 Maputo.

Bookings must be made no later than 31 July. The travel period is 2 July to 2 October this year. The promotion saves around 20%.