How Hong Kong citizens travel


HONG KONG, 30 June 2015: Japan is the top destination for Hong Kong citizens with Taiwan in second place, according to the latest visa card survey.

Thailand and Korea trailed the leaders in third and fourth place in the popularity holiday stakes based on feedback from 800 card holders resident in Hong Kong .

But the surey also showed wherever Hong Kong citizens travel  mobile phones and credit cards are the top two essential travel companions.

It was just one of the many findings reported by the 2015 Survey on Hong Kong Consumer Travel Spending Pattern, an online survey of more than 800 credit card holders conducted by ESDLife to understand the travel patterns of Hong Kong residents.

inside no 6According to the survey, Hong Kong residents average around 20 days of annual leave, around 70% of which (14 days) is spent on overseas travel, with the most popular destinations being Japan (23%), Taiwan (18%), Thailand (10%) and Korea (10%).

The survey also revealed that the vast majority of respondents (84%) spend considerable time during their vacations using their mobile phones to text family and friends (73%), research travel information (59%), upload photos of their experiences onto social media (48%) and map or find directions (46%). The majority of respondents ranked mobile phones (83%) and credit cards (79%) as the top two items brought along on every trip.

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