Better revenue with barcodes


LUANG PRABANG, 29 May 2015: Luang Prabang province will extend a barcodes system to more places to make it easier for tourists to pay entrance fees at popular attractions.

Lao News Agency reported the barcode system has already been installed at two popular tourist sights – The National Museum (Old Palace) and Kuang Si Waterfall – earlier this year. It generated more income than before the system was installed, probably because it eliminated an opportunity to pilfer.

Luang Prabang Finance Department, Somnith Khomthavong, said: “The barcode system installed at Luang Prabang’s museum (Old Palace) has helped increase income collection to almost USD186,000. When compared to the previous year, the income generated this year represents an increase of 32%.”

Kuang Si Waterfall’s barcode system was installed in March this year and revenue doubled over last year to USD93,000, the report said.

inside no 1The system is being managed by the Luang Prabang Finance Department in cooperation with the National Treasury using the internet. The barcode has checks and balances and prevents workers at the sites pocketing revenue.

The Finance Department has requested the Ministry of Finance to provide a purchasing budget to set up the barcode system at Phou Si Mountain, Wat Xiengthong temple, Tham Ting cave and even the international airport to facilitate visa-on-arrival services.