Hanoi website for food fans


HANOI, 29 April 2015: Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently launched a website devoted to cataloguing food in-and-around the city to offer more choices for travelling foodies.

The website, diachi.hanoidep.vn highlights a variety of restaurants and coffee shops selected especially for tourists who make dining out the signature activity of their holiday. But it is in Vietnamese so the scope of the site is limited to domestic travellers mainly residents from Ho Chi Minh City.

It is a part of the department’s project Hanoi Dep va Chua Dep (Hanoi – Good and Bad), which will run at least until year 2020, local media reported.

inside no 3According to the department’s briefing, the website will be upgraded to introduce tourists to attractions such as museums, theatres and parks, once the foodie content takes off.

The first step will be to add an English language version to compliment the Vietnamese site, but until that happens foreigners will have to rely on a very poor Google translation.


  1. This is clearly aim at local tourists as the language is only in Vietnamese. What a shame that foreign visitors cannot make use of it. This is another case of why Vietnam is not doing their tourism marketing right.

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