Qantas opts for rule of two


SYDNEY, 31 March 2015: Qantas Group confirmed, Monday,  it will adopt the rule of two ensuring there are two approved people in the cockpit at all times in-flight to improve safety.

The adoption of the rule of two also applies to all Qantas, QantasLink, Network Aviation and Jetstar flights.

When one pilot needs to leave the cockpit for any reason, another authorised person will occupy the jump seat (as distinct from the control seats occupied by the Captain and First Officer) until they return.

Inside no.7This policy applies to aircraft with more than 50 seats. Of a total Qantas Group fleet of around 300 aircraft, the rule excludes Qantaslink’s fleet of 18 Q200s and Q300s, which generally operate on short sectors of one or two hours where the need for pilots to leave the cockpit is minimal.

Together with regulators and other airlines, Qantas will closely study observations on improvements that stem from the Germanwings tragedy to help make aviation even safer, the airline explained.

Other airlines in Asia are considering the rule of two which has been enforced for some time by US airlines and some airlines in Europe.

There is growing evidence that the Germanwings’ aicraft was deliberately crashed into the French Alps and that the co-pilot may have suffered from depression and suicidal tendancy that the airline had failed to detect despite health and other related checks on flight crews.