Luang Namthai district plans park


LUANG NAMTHA, 31 March 2015: Sing district in Luang Namtha, northern Laos, recently approved the construction of a Sing Pillar Park that will serve as new tourist attraction for both local and visitors.

Lao New Agency reported that approval of the project was given, last week, at the Sing District Administration Office between  Sing district chief, Khamphai Souachanpha, and Oudomsap Housing, Road-Bridge and Irrigation Construction director, Bounthiem Phongsavath.

The Sing Pillar Park will be built in Chianglea village.

Inside no.4The project involves the construction of eight pairs of statues representing people of minority groups, fountains, a flower garden and fencing at a cost of USD260,000.

The project is expected by the end of the year, the report said.

Sing is a small town and district in Luang Namtha province. It is about 60 km northwest of the town of Luang Namtha and 360 km northwest of Vientiane.

It lies very close to the border with Yunnan, China, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

A notable Buddhist centre, it is also popular with trekkers in northern Laos.