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BANGKOK, 31 July 2014: Thailand earned a record THB838.17 million from on-location film shoots, January to May, according to a Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Thailand Film Office Department update released late last week.

During the first five months of the year, 263 documentaries, advertising slots, TV series, and music videos were filmed on location in Thailand generating THB838.17 million in tourism related revenue compared to 334 productions and Bt870.29 million during the same period last year.

The 263 productions were categorised as 63 documentaries, 129 advertising spots, 37 television programmes, 16 music videos and 18 films.

European filmmakers topped the list with 54 productions followed by 48 from Japan, 39 from India, 14 each from China and the United States, 13 from Hong Kong, 11 from South Korea, seven from Australia, and 63 from others.

In May alone, there were 43 productions that generated an estimated THB87.28 million compared to 51 productions earning THB198.86 million during the same month last year.

Of the 43 productions, 12 were documentaries, 23 advertising spots, three each on television programmes and music videos and two films.

Japan and India filmmakers led the field in the fifth month of the year with eight productions each followed by five from China, four from Europe, two each from US and Hong Kong, one from Australia, and 13 from others.

Promoting film shoots comes under a department that is part of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

While revenue earned from film crews is substantial as stated in the ministry’s data, the bigger picture is the positive awareness of Thailand as a destination worth visiting once the films are circulated.

Film earnings in 2014 should  grow 15% from Bt2,173.35 million last year.

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