Watch out for Wetlands

January 30, 2013 by  
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BANGKOK, 30 January 2013: Thailand recognising its wetlands need urgent protection has become a signatory of the Ramsar Convention or the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.

The Convention on Wetlands, known as the Ramsar Convention is an inter-governmental treaty that encourages member countries to maintain the ecological character of their wetlands regions.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment deputy permanent secretary, Surapol Pattani, said that by signing the convention, Thailand pledged to protect wetlands by supporting wise use of the areas that had been playing an important role in preventing floods and drought.

“Therefore, Thailand will arrange a meeting on wetlands to help the public realise the importance of the areas and use them in a sustainable manner.”

The meeting is scheduled for 4 February in Bangkok.

“The meeting participants will learn about water resource management and gain suggestions and guidelines for wetland and water preservation,” he indicated.

Thailand is the 110th signatory of the Ramsar Convention.

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