Thailand ready to lure movie makers

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BANGKOK, 23 February 2012: Ministry of Tourism and Sports Department of Tourism says Thailand continues to attract international film makers with more than 50 movie location requests in January.

The Department of Tourism’s Thailand Film Office director, Wansiri Morakul, said: “In January alone, the office received 56 requests from movie makers to film in Thailand, which accounts for an investment value of Bt687.35 million.”

Among these requests is a high-budget production from New Zealand, which is expected to start filming in Thailand this April, she added. “Hosting a high-budget film bodes well for the country,” she noted.

This year, the office has planned five roadshow to present the country potential for film shoots. Two roadshows have already been conducted in South Korea and UK, while the remaining three will be in Hong Kong, Cannes in France and the United States.

“The office will reassure film makers that Thailand film sites did not suffer during last year’s floods,” she said.

Of the 56 productions in January, there were 13 documentaries, 28 commercials, nine television programmes, two music video productions, and four films.

Japan production films led the field in January with 14 productions followed by 12 from Europe, seven from India, five from South Korea, four from the United States, three from Hong Kong, and one each from China and Australia.

In 2011, 606 productions were shot at Thailand locations and generated Bt1,226.45 million in tourism relate revenue.

However, last year’s income dropped 34.38% than in the previous year when the country earned Bt1,869.15 million from only 578 films. This was due to the floods during the last quarter, which slowed down filming contracts.

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