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TTR Weekly News Alert, 16 September 2021

TTC updates vaccine policy

TTC updates its policy requiring clients to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 following the start of the Singapore -Germany travel lane.....Read More

Bali might ban backpackers

In the post-Covid-19 era, Bali's bureaucrats might decide wealth keeps Covid-19 at bay while shutting the door on impoverished backpackers.....Read More



Emirates' A380 fliest to Turkey

Emirates announces the start of scheduled daily A380 service to Istanbul from its home base in Dubai.....Read More


Emirates flies to St Petersburg

Emirates will resume services to St Petersburg this October.....Read More


Spain Tourism Board hosts Webinar Series

Spain Tourism Board in Southeast Asia, will host a trade webinar series in partnership with MIKI Travel Asia.....Read More


  Club Med looks for greenfield projects
Club Med to expand in the Asia Pacific over the next five years targeting greenfield opportunities in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia....Read More
  UAF fires a shot at hotel groups
An Asia Pacific workers union fires a salvo at Accor and Hilton, allegedly linking them to Myanmar's military or its associates on Democracy Day.....Read More
  Changi renews health check
Changi Airport's health safety standards receive international recognition with the successful renewal of ACI Health Accreditation.....Read More
  BREATHE reminds us not to forget
Book Review: Breathe turned out to be a surprise as I had expected a novelization of true events. Instead, it delves so much more into the tragedy and its outcome.....Read More

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