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TTR Weekly News Alert, 5 August 2021

FCM link to HotelHub platform

FCM partners HotelHub to deliver smart booking solutions for travel management company clients.....Read More

IATA: 2O2O worst year on record

Airline industry statistics confirm 2020 was the worst year on record.....Read More



Smooth sailing for Alaska cruises

Princess Cruises successfully completes the first voyage following an extended pause in operations.....Read More


A helping hand for tourism players

Sarawak Tourism Board invites travel and hospitality players to apply for STOEF.....Read More


Centara backs startup competition

Prize winnings for Centara Hotels and Resorts X True Digital Park present Centara Startup Sandbox total of THB400,000.....Read More


  For Sale: TG buildings nationwide
THAI confirms 10 buildings and property are up for sale across the country to fund its rehab programme.....Read More
  Air India resumes South Asia flights
Air India introduces flights to South Asian cities this month, adds more services to the UK for student trave.....Read More
  Thai airlines plea for loans
Airlines Association of Thailand reiterates the call to free up loans and support for employees to keep the country's seven airlines afloat.....Read More
  A new version of timeshare on Samui
KYOI Group offers a stake in Samui resort to Hong Kong investors as part of a property rental programme.....Read More

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