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TTR Weekly News Alert, 14 May 2021

Fernandes forecasts a bright future

Exciting times ahead, reckons AirAsia CEO, after receiving his vaccine jab earlier this week.....Read More

Singapore extends quarantine to 21 days

Travellers face a longer quarantine except for those who can show they resided in any one of seven countries over the last 21 days.....Read More



Expert trekker retraces death march trail

Expert jungle trekker honoured for his research and retracing of the infamous World War II Death March Route in Sabah.....Read More


STB, SCOPE build responsible tourism

STB and SCOPE partner to host a webinar to create the foundation for responsible tourism.....Read More


Emirates demos its latest cabin perks

Emirates to showcase its premium economy seats for the first time at the upcoming ATM travel show.....Read More


  Turkish resuming flights to Asia
Turkish Airlines is steadily restoring flights to cities across Asia since early May.....Read More
  Changi ropes off terminals to the public
Airline flights continue as usual, but Changi's terminal buildings are off limit to the general public until 27 May.....Read More
  Airlines told to check CoEs
Airlines told to check Certificates of Entry carefully after Thailand's embassies stopped issuing them in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.....Read More
  Qatar Airways attends economics forum
Qatar Airways to Participate in St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2 to 5 June.....Read More

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