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TTR Weekly News Alert, 4 March 2021

Travel will kick back strong

Planning trips in 2021 back on the agenda, says ITB Berlin and Statista's survey on travel behaviour in Germany, the US and China.....Read More

AirAsia introduces ASEAN Unlimited

AirAsia super app introduces all-new ASEAN Unlimited deals.....Read More


Princess bound for the Americas and Antarctica

Princess Cruises announces 2022-2023 South America & Antarctica season.....Read More

Emirates to fly daily to Khartoum

Emirates raises flight frequency to Sudan to daily services.....Read More

How to gain more space on Emirates

More space and privacy for Emirates economy class customers with new option to purchase empty adjoining seats.....Read More

  Travel returns to Quang Ninh province
Quang Ninh province slowly reopens for travel, first for residents within the province, while maintaining Halong Bay's strict measures.....Read More
  Shun Myanmar's military, not the people
Be careful who you partner with; a plea for international companies to do due diligence when choosing a joint venture partner in Myanmar.....Read More
  AXA introduces insurance package
AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers a discount on health insurance cover through to June.....Read More
  Cebu Pacific celebrates 25 years
Cebu Pacific marks 25 years of flying with a Super Seat Festival in March while it ends change fees 'permanently.'.....Read More
  Hong Kong Sevens set for November
Cancelled in 2020 this time around, the Hong Kong Sevens' organisers are counting on Covid-19 disappearing by November.....Read More

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