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TTR Weekly News Alert, 2 March 2021

Bali lines up its tourism workers for Covid jabs

Bali is counting on a vaccine programme for all of its tourism workers to allow it to open its borders and introduce travel bubble routes.....Read More

AirAsia domestic pass

AirAsia Thailand offers a fly pass deal to support the reintroduction of its domestic route network.....Read More


How to gain more space on Emirates

More space and privacy for Emirates economy class customers with new option to purchase empty adjoining seats.....Read More

Phuket: Even breakfast shouts WOW

When you wake up in Phuket in your favourite hotel, surprise yourself and step out to explore breakfast like a true islander.....Read More

Canadian closure impacts Princess

Princess Cruises pauses Guest Cruise Vacations to select Alaska, Canada, New England and Pacific coastal sailings in 2021.....Read More

  Will travellers return to re-wild forests?
The region's travel leaders and NGOs speak up at the Wild Side Story virtual event on World Wildlife Day, 3 March, 2021.....Read More
  Airline traffic down in January
Passenger traffic down, but air cargo continues to climb, according to AAPA traffic figures for January 2021.....Read More
  Vietjet tops flight tally
Vietjet operated the most flights in Vietnam in February, according to Vietnam's civil aviation authority data.....Read More
  Airline face continuing cash burn
Airlines could remain cash negative into 2022 as IATA revises performance estimates downward for 2021.....Read More

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