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TTR Weekly News Alert, 26 March 2021

Phuket ready to open and ditch quarantine

Phuket will ditch the 15-day quarantine, 1 July, for travellers who are vaccinated from low-risk countries if Phuket residents get the jab first.....Read More

The ebbs and flow of Covid-19 tides

Statista data shows that US cases ebb as the vaccination programme kicks in while Europe faces a damaging third wave.....Read More



Star Cruises to sail to Langkawi

The return of domestic travel in Malaysia begins with staycation packages on Star Pisces sailing to Langkawi.....Read More


Cargo uplift kept Emirates healthy

Emirates SkyCargo marks one year of passenger freighter operations.....Read More


Kuching ready to welcome cycle enthusiasts

As we prepare for travel to reopen, Sarawak ticks all the boxes for the post-Covid era with trending green tours, nature and family travel.....Read More


  Japan link to Yangon hotel project points to junta
Japan state-funded hotel and office complex project in Yangon pays rent to Myanmar's defence ministry.....Read More
  Penang high on retiree islands list
Penang is high up the ranks of the 15 best islands in the world to retire.....Read More
  India's domestic travel gaining traction
India: Green shoot signs of recovery and pandemic source market shifts according to the latest ForwardKeys data.....Read More
  Qatar resumes Greek flights
Qatar Airways to resume flights to Mykonos as the Greek island prepares to welcome back tourists during the summer.....Read More
  Mandarin Orient New Your reopens
Mandarin Oriental reopens for business in New York on 1 April.....Read More

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