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TTR Weekly News Alert, 8 February 2021

Air India boosts flights

Air India is adding more flights on both international and domestic routes this month as the airline resumes services across its network.....Read More

WTTC wants to end naming nations high risk

WTTC says governments should abandon the concept of 'high-risk countries' and instead focus on 'high-risk travellers'.....Read More


Batik Sabah: A state's pride and joy

Sabah Tourism Board's latest blog takes a closer look at the state's thriving batik fashions and handicrafts.....Read More

No hands check-in for flights

Emirates enhances smart contactless journey with touchless self-check-in kiosks.....Read More

Lunar New Year traditions alive and well

Sarawak Tourism Board welcomes the Year of the Ox with the distribution of 'Ang Pau' hopefully to bring better luck in 2021.....Read More

  Call to support Myanmar's people
Myanmar's tourism marketers make an impassioned plea for the overseas travel industry to stand with the people of Myanmar.....Read More
  MAI resumes services to Kuala Lumpur
MAI operates relief and special relief flights between Yangon and Kuala Lumpur three times weekly.....Read More
  ASEANTA pointers on how to kickstart tourism
ASEANTA presents a short-list of what needs to be activated fast to secure the survival of tourism across Southeast Asia.....Read More
  Cheapest spots to retire
International Living releases its Annual Global Retirement Index, and two of the cheapest spots to retire are in the Mekong Region.....Read More
  Tourism to the Maldives on the rise
The Maldives manages to clock almost 100,000 tourists in January alone.....Read More

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