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TTR Weekly News Alert, 10 February 2021

2023 recover is the best-case scenario

PATA: Recovery rates for Asia Pacific international visitor arrivals growth will be varied and uneven until 2023.....Read More

Phuket's luxury home market grows

C9 Hotelworks market research monitors growth in Phuket's luxury real estate market despite the Covid-19 crisis.....Read More


Tips for camping trips in Thailand

When was the last time you embarked on a camping vacation in a natural setting where you can enjoy the outdoors and amazing views? .....Read More

Extraordinary stay-at-home Ideas in Langkawi

Langkawi introduces five activities those on a staycation or staying-home during the Lunar New Year holiday season.....Read More

Centara's expansion accelerates in 2021

Centara's international expansion strategy gathers pace in 2021, with eight new openings Including the first Centara Reserve Resort.....Read More

  Bali hotels in crisis
Bali Discovery.com says the financial crisis facing the island's hotel industry will force property owners to sell.....Read More
  SQ rebuilds route network
Singapore Airlines reinstates routes to bring the network back up to around 45% of destinations served before the Covid-19 crisis.....Read More
  AirAsia battles Covid setbacks
AirAsia Group reports 4Q2020 operating statistics signify solid rebound across the four airlines based in Southeast Asia.....Read More
  Andaz Singapore names GM
Andaz appoints veteran Hyatt hotelier Stephan Karl as its general manager.....Read More

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