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TTR Weekly News Alert, 7 January 2021

Hyatt arrives in Cambodia

Hyatt opens first hotel in Cambodia as the country eases some Covid-19 surveillance measures, but the 14-day quarantine remains.....Read More

Asia's two top spots for retirees

Malaysia and Vietnam are among the top 10 'Best Places to Retire in 2021' in the latest InternationalLiving.com index.....Read More


Harvest festivals join Cuti Cuti calendar

Two traditional harvest festivals in Sabah and Sarawak proposed for latest Cuti Cuti Malaysia calendar list to promote domestic travel.....Read More

Sweeter travel to Dubai

My Emirates Pass is back to sweeten 2021 with offers across the UAE.....Read More

48 hours in Langkawi

If you are looking to spend a weekend in Langkawi, here's how you can discover and experience it in two days.....Read More

  Thai airline trims services
Bangkok Airways cuts back flights, suspends new routes and closes lounge services as Covid-19 pandemic worsens in Thailand.....Read More
  AirAsia Group cuts stake in AirAsia India
AirAsia Group sells stake in its joint venture with Tata Sons, leaving it with just 16.33% of the airline's equity.....Read More
  Passport power survives setbacks
Asia Pacific reigns in 2021 Henley Passport Index as the region looks set to emerge first from the Covid-19 pandemic.....Read More
  APPA: Covid stiffles November traffic
Air cargo markets continue on a recovery path; passenger demand still severely depressed.....Read More
  STR beefs up the analytics team
STR names Isaac Collazo vice president of analytics.....Read More

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