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TTR Weekly News Alert, 11 January 2021

Airline demand in the doldrums

IATA reports recovery of passenger demand shudders to a halt in November.....Read More

Covid crunch for top tourism countries

Covid-19 pandemic costs the tourism industry a whopping USD935 billion in lost revenue, and Thailand is up there among the big losers.....Read More


STB kept its promotions rolling in 2020

Despite the dark cloud of Covid-19, Sarawak continued to keep its tourism products top-of-mind while supporting travel agency partners.....Read More

Princess Cruises extends pause

Princess Cruises extends pause of guest cruise vacations through 14 May 2021.....Read More

Harvest festivals join Cuti Cuti calendar

Two traditional harvest festivals in Sabah and Sarawak proposed for latest Cuti Cuti Malaysia calendar list to promote domestic travel.....Read More

  India speeds up trains
High-speed trains are now a reality in India having been successfully tested on routes serving major cities in the country.....Read More
  Asian nations struggle to contain Covid-19
Asian nations introduce stricter rules and lockdowns to slow Covid-19 infections.....Read More
  Bangkok Airways shuts more flights
Bangkok Airways closes its ticketing office and two services from Samui and Phuket until 31 January.....Read More
  Marriott makes a big move in Vietnam
Marriott will manage a complex in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with 4,200 residences and two hotels due for completion in 2024.....Read More
  Sanya rebounds on China's domestic travel
Hainan's Sanya looks to a bright 2021 as Its tourism sector rebounds on the back of a recovery in China's mega domestic travel market.....Read More

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